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There is one thing that is quite possibly the kryptonite of all human beings. Red Lips.

Love is Blindness by M3LL0N-3M

There is sporadic evidence of why red lips attract the attention of humans. Ranging from the reasonable, like being just irresistable, to the overly technical; where it is linked to the arousal state of women genetalia. The secondary might have its place in ancient societies, but today it spreads the spectrum of reasons that can only bend your mind to boggling proportions.

But lets face it, it is in our minds to stay, and even though i don't listen to her music, this song from Kesha sums it up well:

Your, wicked obvious the way your starin'
You, got me wondering what it is?
What could it be?
Makes me so captivating?

My sexy hair?
My vixen eyes?
No, I really think it's my ...

Red lipstick!


Breaking the catergories down is not easy, but it is all that can be done... and then maybe you'll discover why you love Red Lips.

The first is that it is just plain irresistable to look at. Go ahead and visit the gallery here at Shoulders N Up and you will catch yourself glancing at the red lips as you scroll along. It just catches the eye and sucks you in, you literally can't help yourself.

Red hat by sweetdesires Ara by EL3-Imagery 292 by aydan-kerimli Ann by AlexKPhoto Spirit calling by LeessaRay

Second is the sensual nature that red is linked to. Whether this is linked to the actual aforementioned arousal state is not necessary; as it can incite a passion inside a person by just grasping a glimpse of it on someone. It is clearly euphoric for the onlooker, and that is chemically engrained into our nature.

Self-Portrait by AnimA89 Self-Portrait by AnimA89 Untitled by Lover-and-the-Wild Lana by hybrid4u M2 by HOMSA-TOFT

There is also just the plain fact it is hight contrast. Supposedly old movie stars used red lips in the black and white movies and TV, because it was easier to see. Which also makes it exciting for the photographers out there as well.

lips... Paulina by zieniu  Act like nothing's wrong. by laylaskywalker  Kirstine 009 by WrightLover in her eyes by michellis13 Frost by Askaaksa

And ofcourse it is well known as the color of love. Who doesn't dread the rushing waves of Red from Valentines Day?

waiting for the sun by MaraArtt Self Portrait by GoldenHeartbeat A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words by RikkiChanKawaii sam and moxie 2 by kittenkitten 0782 by WildCinderella

I'm sure there are boundless more that could be thought of; like blood, enticement, and red apples. That last one is just a filler; anyways, hopefully this has been an eye opener for you, and you dash out to try some new bold red lips.

And here, per usual, are some lips worth noting:

Isabell 23 by Secretgardener blue by BlackCocktail Jailbait by hchic4life red by DenisGoncharov

Magdalene by stalae Anna-30 by JimNewsPhotos behind the window by anaispopy Hello Alone by sugarmaplewings

Lora 'Braid' by ursus25 balance by kumivonspietzenberg It's Cold Outside by GoldenHeartbeat Tired to love by BloodSuccubus
More Journal Entries


This group is for Headshots, and as the name implies; shoulders and up. Can it drop down to the collarbone... or alittle further? sure; I'm not going to be THAT picky; but the picture needs to have the face as the focal point; high contrast of the face from the background helps in these situations.

The main focus is photography; photomanipulations are acceptable if the quality is suffecient for my picky standards and it has credits where it's due. They can be submitted to the "Art" folders along with the traditional mediums of art.

Any deviant can submit to folders, but will need a vote to get in. Members can submit auto-accept to Male, Female, Black and White folders, and Art folders. All others are voted into by me.

Please don't send pictures that look very similiar; just pick your top shot and go with it. I don't mind self portrait shots, as long as the quality is "good". Overly grainy (less it's intended) or just plain to small will not likely be accepted (sizes noted below). This would include out of focus pictures aswell. Also I'm not a fan (even though I know they're necessary) of pictures with watermarks on the face, they'll likely be removed too (off the face and i likely won't care).

sizes: 800 pixels wide for Landscape directional pictures. 600 pixels for Portrait directional pictures. anything smaller has a very good chance of being removed.

A Pictured Guideline for the rules:

So just how far can you go down before i remove it from the gallery?... if the nipple line is in it, it's likely to far.

GOOD (will accept):
Beautiful by destroyinc AL by NomiZ25 Look at me by skytr4x Pull by CatRoPo

TO FAR(will reject):
_orchid. by Bloddroppe D086 by miobi Shadow Monument by vishstudio Victoria Cheevers by onesh0t

Now in the description above it does say i'd accept "FACE FOCAL" pictures... these would be examples of that; they do drop below the nipple line, but the overall feel of the picture is focused on the subjects face. (although i'll be honest, it''s really up to my discrection in the end; and i can be picky ... )
Kelly 4 by Simon120188 G2 by Alrunis Christy 7 by Simon120188 1 by Tavra

So there is the basics... So upload and be happy!




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